Why it’s good to Have Your Home Monitored

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Home Monitoring for the Holidays: Why it’s good to Have Your Home Monitored by a Security Company when you’re Away

It’s an unfortunate fact that the holidays are not only a busy time for families and businesses but also for thieves and criminals. Protecting yourself from home invasions with a professional security company is never more important than during the festive season.

There’s More Value in Your Home

Did you know that in the weeks leading up to holidays your home contains more valuables than at any other time of the year? Many families spend thousands of dollars on gifts for their loved ones, on highly sought after items such as electronics or children’s toys. Before these gifts are given to their intended recipients they are usually stacked neatly together in a cupboard or closet, or wrapped under the tree, making it an easy task for thieves to efficiently steal them from your property.

Gifts will also still be in their original packaging, making them even more valuable to a thief who can sell them for a higher price. This makes robberies much more rewarding for criminals, which unfortunately is why we see a rise in theft during the holidays, added to the fact that many homes are uninhabited.

Neighborhood Watch isn’t Effective during the Holidays

While you may feel secure in the knowledge that neighbors on your street look out for each other and report any unusual happenings, it is wise to recognize that this tactic for preventing robberies is particularly ineffective during the festive season. If you are away visiting family or taking a vacation, it would be safe to assume that many of your neighbors are also away from their property. A quiet street is an ideal environment for robberies.

Another reason why relying on neighbors for home security is unsuccessful during the holidays is that it is a time when extra visitors are expected. If a neighbor spots an unfamiliar person approaching your home, it may be assumed that it is merely a guest, when in fact your home could be getting sized up for an intrusion.

Even if your neighbors are instructed of your absence and asked to watch out for anything suspicious, you could be the victim of a home intrusion while your neighbors are busy entertaining guests, or more commonly, while they are sleeping.

Professional Home Monitoring Could Save Your Vacation

Returning from a vacation trip to find that your home has been compromised could devastate your family and ruin your holidays. The most effective way to safeguard yourself against an intrusion is by using one of the best home alarm systems to monitor your home for you while you are absent. You will be able to enjoy yourself more freely with the peace of mind that intruders have not been inside your family’s home and stolen your belongings or vandalized your property.

Making the decision to have a security company monitor your home could be the thing that saves your family money and unnecessary trauma this holiday season.

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