When to Trek to Manaslu Circuit?

Breath taking view of ManasluThe answer to ‘when to trek to Manaslu Circuit’ or ‘best seasons to do Manaslu Circuit Trekking’are two- spring and autumn. Spring from March to May and autumn from September to November are the best time to tackle any trail in Nepal. Following are more detailson when to expect what kind of weather.


October is the best time to trek to Manaslu Circuit. The weather is clear. Rain stops completely giving you a clear view of the beautiful peaks. Terraced farms are golden with paddies and trees are full of sweet oranges. This is the busiest time in Manaslu region. However, in comparison to other treks, it sees lesser tourist meaning less crowded trails for you.

September and November

Autumn in Nepal lasts from September to November. October, mid-autumn, is the most preferred time but September and November are no lesscompetitive.

In early September, there is a possibility of some rain. The sky can be slightly clouded at times and in later weeks of November, it gets a little cold at higher altitude. But, because of the cold, air becomes clearer. Soboth these months are a very good time to do Manaslu Circuit.

March to May

March to May is spring, another good time to trek to the Himalayas. It is the second best season. But compared to autumn, there is much less trekkers around. Therefore, ifyou want a morequiet trekking experience, this is the time to go here.

March sees good weather. It is not very hot in lower regions and not very cold at higher grounds. Colorful rhododendron bloomscover the forest, a fine time to be in the Himalayas, really. If you are going early in the month, check with the agencies to see if lodges have opened.

It starts to get warmer in the lower area in April. But forests are cool and rhododendrons are now in full bloom. Fewer people, clear skies and beautiful colorful flowers; I’d rather trek in April.

Later weeks of May is less clear. It is not a big problem but the weather gets hot and it can be quite hazy. You can still see the last of rhododendron flowers in May.

June to August

June is the beginning of monsoon. Monsoon too is a time for green plants and colorful flowers. However, rain is a problem. In the beginning of April, though, trekkers can catch a view of the mountains early in the morning.

July- it rains almost everyday. Views can be blocked by layers of clouds. Heavy rains can cause landslides and flood. Then there are pesky little leeches you wouldn’t want to encounter. Monsoon is not a good time to do Manaslu Circuit. Instead, you can do treks to rain shadow areas like Mustang and Dolpo. August is the same. Rain stays around till few days into September.

December to February

It starts to get colder from the end time of September. By December it is getting colder still. The air is dry so you can get a crystal clear view but that is not a good enough reason. About two weeks into December, people in the upper villages head to somewhere less cold. So, lodges will be closed. It becomes risky to cross the Larke Pass as well.

In January, winter storms makes the Larke Pass dangerous to cross. It is very cold and icy. The locals have migrated somewhere else and camping would be required. Winter is just not the time to trek to Manaslu. But the views will be very beautiful. Cold, white and fresh. February is as cold. People will not have returned so camping becomes necessary. But at the end of the month, it starts to get a bit warmer.Lodges start to open from March.

There are people who have done Manaslu Circuit Trek in winter and monsoon but it is not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, it becomes a lesson for us to stick to the popular seasons of spring and autumn.

Manaslu is a region that is steadily becoming more popular. Due to earthquake of 2015 that had affected the trails here, a part of the circuit trek has been re-routed. It is back to business though and just in time for the peak season of autumn.

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