The Best Rafting Locations in Indonesia

What are the best locations for rafting in Indonesia? This country has many beautiful locations as a tourist destination. And one important reason is that many rivers that drain cleaner forests and mountains. So, they will always be suitable for those who like river rafting and outdoor activities. And there is a lot of tourist who wants to create a challenging experience of nature adventures. Well, rafting is an option that will trigger your adrenaline in exploring nature. So, here are some locations that are essential for your visit.

Pekalen River

So, let’s visit Probolinggo, at this location, you can create the latest experience in Pekalen River. This location is very special because there are 10 waterfalls that will welcome you. You can walk along the rivers up to the Bat Cave. Route at this location is divided into three sections. So, you can adjust to your ability.

Citarik River

Well, if you are a beginner, you can try the experience at Citarik River, Sukabumi. It could be said that this tends to be an easy route. But you still need a guide to take rafting experience. However, the river is composed of many large rocks. So, you should always be careful and vigilant.

Citatih River

Well, Sukabumi is a special place. So, you can continue the adventure on Citatih River. In this river, you can take the route between 9 km, 12 km, up to 21 km. And you need to know that this will be very challenging, so you have to really prepare well.

Elo River

What if we go to Magelang? Well, you can enjoy the exciting adventures along the Elo River. Uniquely, you can do rafting, watching the beautiful scenery of Merbabu and Merapi mountains. With a distance of 12 miles, you do not have to worry and can improve the experience of this as the beginning of an adventure.

Green Canyon

In Pangandaran, you may never visit the beach. Well, why do not you enter the forest and the river? Green Canyon is one destination that you must visit at this location. Well, you can get an exciting new adventure with friends.

Serayu and Ayung River

Another option is Serayu River in Banjarnegara. Indeed, it is less popular. But, trust that you will be very satisfied with your rafting adventure. Meanwhile, there is one other option when you visit in Bali. Do not forget to visit the Ayung River in Ubud. It is a well-known location that has always been destination of the adventurers

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