Siak Sri Indrapura, Riau

Riau, the Tourism Paradise

Siak Palace

Riau is an icon of Melaya. This city is located in the center of Sumatra Island. The capital town has known as Pekanbaru. But the attraction of Riau looks so shiny. As petroleum producer, Riau has known as oil palm producer too. But the other attraction of Riau is located at tourism. It has the varied sights. For detail, Riau has artificial tourism, natural tourism and historical tourism.

To give some images, there are some tourist sites in Riau. The first and the unique tourist site in Riau begin from Siak Palace. Siak Empire is largest Muslim empire in Riau. This empire is located at Siak Sri Indrapura. You can access this city from Pekanbaru. If you are coming from Pekanbaru, you need 2 up to 3 hours. In the 16th century until the 20th century, Siak kingdom reached its heyday. Siak Sri Indrapura started in 1725 and has 12 sultans. The historical evidence of Malay Islamic kingdom can be seen from the Palace which known as Siak Royal Palace. This complex has built by Sultan Syarif Hasyim Abdul Jalil Assyaidis Syaifuddin in 1889. Now this place becomes a repository of the royal objects.

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