Lose yourself in Madrid’s shopping districts

Plaza de Castilla

If there’s one thing that the Spanish know how to do, it is shopping. Stroll through one of the trendy shopping districts of Madrid and you can easily see why shopping is one of Spain’s favourite pastimes. The Spanish simply love to shop and this is clearly reflected in the immaculate way that they dress. There’s no room for scruffiness on the streets of Madrid, so make sure that you are suitably dressed before you begin exploring! If you do spend a little time here, you will soon notice that most people you pass on the street have thought carefully about the clothes that they wear, whether they are smart business professionals or just the average local on their next shopping spree. If you’re planning to expand your own wardrobe in the near future, then you will find that Madrid is a wonderful shopping destination, offering an eclectic mix of markets, fashion outlets and luxury boutiques to satisfy every budget. If you want to see all the latest Spanish fashions, then Madrid must surely be at the top of your wish list.


If you are tired of standard high street fashion and are searching for a more exclusive range of luxury garments, then head over to the Salamanca district. Located just northeast of the city centre, the area is considered to be the wealthiest part of Madrid, thanks to its rocketing property prices. Here you will find the most expensive boutiques and designer clothing, a real treat for anyone who likes to spend! Start by working your way along the main streets of Calle Serrano and Calle Velázquez before exploring some of the smaller back streets to find all the best boutiques.


Fancy something a little more bohemian? Then start your shopping spree at Chueca, a trendy square situated in the Justicia district. This lively area is the perfect shopping destination for the fashionable shopper, as it is simply packed with boutique clothes shops and cafes. It’s a popular hang out with the local gay community, so if you want to immerse yourself in a thriving, youthful neighbourhood, this is a fabulous place to let your hair down. Spend a few hours here if you are looking for casual clothing or sports brands.

El Rastro

Every Sunday, Plaza de Cascorro located in the city centre is home to El Rastro, a popular flea market. It’s a great place to browse for bargains, especially if you are hunting for leather goods or second hand clothes. You can literally spend hours here searching through the open air stalls for great deals and losing yourself in the bustling city streets.

Las Rozas Village

Famous for offering big fashion brands at discount prices, Las Rozas Village is an excellent place to pick up a bargain on luxury designer clothing. Located 30 minutes drive northwest of the city centre, it is one of the few luxury retail outlets in Madrid. You can find a huge choice of luxury brands here, all in one convenient shopping location.

This was written by Insider’s Madrid, who have shown thousands of visitors around the Spanish capital on one of their tours of the real Madrid.

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