Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand – General Information

Ko Phi Phi Don

Apart from being famous for medical tourism, there are many other reasons to go to Thailand and so many places to see. Koh Phi Phi Don is one of them and it is the largest and the only populated island in an archipelago of six islands. Fast development has left this island into a great destination for tourists on all budgets. The most developed place is Ton Sai village, which is located between the two most prominent beaches in the island. Anytime of the year on this tropical island is a beehive of activity both at daytime and at night. From every corner you can spot numerous supermarkets, spa parlors, ATMs and restaurants. It is amazing that even with all these developments, there is still a lot of natural beauty to sample. For example, one can visit the Had Nopparattara- Ko Phi Phi National Park which hosts abundant sea life and corals.

Like previously mentioned, Koh Phi Phi Don is one of the six islands that make up the Kho Phi Phi archipelago. Even after being heavily hit by a Tsunami wave in 2004, the island beauty may be a bit scathed, but it still stands intact. Today, it still looks the same as it was, but with some sort of maturity that seems to say… “Yes, I survived that disaster”.

The picturesque landscapes of the island have not been blurred by development. One can still enjoy the view of white sandy beaches, soaring vertical cliffs, verdant jungles and curving bays.

How to Get to Ko Phi Phi Don Island?

Getting to this lovely island will not be a challenge. You can take a boat from Phuket, Ko Lanta, Krabi and Ao Nang provinces. Most boats dock at Ao Tonsai but a few of those coming from Phuket, dock at Laem Thong; the northern pier. Boats hailing from Krabi and Phuket operate throughout the year while those from the other two regions work only during the tourist season, which is from October to April.

Moving around the island may not be very enticing for tourists who love luxury. Roads are replaced with narrow paths that can hardly fit a car. You can only cycle, join the locals as they meander their way around the island. To reach various beaches speedboats and chartering long tails will get you there.

Accommodation options

Despite the increased development and the high influx of tourists, accommodation is cheaper compared to other places. Ko Phi Phi Don only started welcoming tourists recently. In the 1990s, very few tourists visited this place and those that did stayed in the substandard facilities that were available then. The recent upsurge in development has brought in a class of luxury resorts and hotels. This has made the budget hotels unpopular. However, a few are still in existence to accommodate people who would want to save on their vacation budget.


Nothing makes a vacation more memorable than great food. You would want to stick to your particular cuisine but it is best if you try some of the local dishes while in Ko Phi Phi Don Island. The local food is a blend of Malay, Indian and Indonesian foods. Some of the most popular meals that you expect to get in many restaurants around the island include Massaman, Indian curry, rice noodles with fish curry and yellow rice with kitchen. However, only a few restaurants will have varied menus since food ingredients have to be ferried all the way from the mainland. Most restaurants are situated in Tonsai Bay area and just like in many Thailand tourist destinations; seafood is widely served in these joints. Only a few restaurants specialize in Western cuisine.

Things to Do in Ko Phi Phi Don Island

There are a plenty of attraction sites and activities to do while in this island. A day will not be enough to cover all that there is to see and do. Lovely beaches grace the outlines of the island offering great places to sun bathe or have an idle stroll. The waters of the Indian Ocean present a nice platform for all water sports including diving and snorkeling. Other popular activities that tourists love to do include canoeing and Kayaking.

Other points of interests are King Cruiser wreck, a ship that sank back in 1997. In addition, tourists can visit Koh Mai Phai – a shallow sea region where they can observe marine life among them a variety of small sharks. Tonsai tower and limestone cliffs are other attractions that you can add in your holiday itinerary.

Ko Phi Phi Don Island should be your next destination. It is an excellent destination for family and romantic holidays. The weather is beautiful and the landscape will certainly take your breath away.



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