How to Choose Best Airline

Simple Ways to Reserve Your Seat

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(1)  How to Reserve Your Seats

Nowadays most airlines let you reserve seats online. This might be the safest method to get your preferred seat, although there is no 100% guarantee about it.

The airline might change the plane type prior your travel. Therefore your selected seat might not be in your expected position or be changed. There are also numerous situations in which the airline’s “system” might re-allocate your selected seat to another person.

(2)  Back, Middle or Front of the Cabin

In general, the Economy cabin’s front is the quietest, usually just before the aircraft engines. On the other hand, the cabin’s rear tends to be least quiet, and has more chance to bump around more throughout turbulence. Regarding the meal services, it’s hard to be sure where you have the chance to get the full options of meals while they are available. Some airlines start their meal services from different positions.

 (3)  Window Seat, Middle or Aisle

In most cases, only few people choose the middle seat – particularly on those airlines in which the cabin’s center section seating might come with a five across layout – that if you are drawing the middle seat, you’ll need to ask 2 passengers to move every time you need to use the washroom, stretch your legs, etc.

The window seat is the best choice for avoiding disturbance. Besides, you can also have the outer cabin wall for leaning against, instead of falling asleep on another passenger. The aisle seat provides you easy access for walking around. But keep in mind that you may be getting down and up for another passenger seated near you.

Aisle seat positions might also have the risk of bumps and knocks as passengers walk nearby or attempt to reach past service carts within the cabin – you may discover within an aisle seat that some passengers can really be inconsiderate.

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