Fifth Wheel, Travel Trailer or Motor Home?


There’s a great selection of RVs available. Just go to site and you’ll find something for everybody. But how do you decide which RV is right for you?

Fifth Wheel

If you already own a truck, a fifth wheel RV is an ideal choice. A fifth wheel allows you to arrive at your destination, unhook and drive around. A fifth wheel also is easier to drive and handles better than a travel trailer does. Even better, there’s no engine or transmission so maintenance is much easier and less expensive. Best of all, fifth wheels are more spacious and luxurious than travel trailers and motor homes. Some even have fire places.

Travel Trailer

Like fifth wheels, travel trailers have the advantage of easier maintenance. They also have the convenience of allowing the tow vehicle to be unhooked. However, where travel trailers shine is in their versatility. Travel trailers can be used as “toy haulers,” so you can bring your favorite motorcycles, ATVs, vehicles and other sporting equipment with you wherever you go. On the other hand, travel trailers can also be outfitted similarly to fifth wheels, offering plenty of living space. Travel trailers can be outfitted with ramps, making them an ideal choice for handicap-accessible camping.

Motor Home

What motor homes have on fifth wheels and travel trailers is independence. Because motor homes have their own generators, they don’t have to rely on hookups to camp. You can camp in a motor home anywhere you can park it. However, a motor home can also take advantage of campground hookups so you don’t have to rely on your own power source. Motor homes also offer the benefit of allowing passengers to move around while the vehicle is moving.
Depending on your needs, any one of these types of RV is sure to provide years of vacation fun.

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