Andam Dewi Bengkalis Park

Andam Dewi Bengkalis

If you want to visit green place in Riau, you can visit is Andam Dewi Bengkalis Park. This park is located at Bengkalis, Riau. You can see the beautiful view in here. The beautiful sea and the beautiful fountain can be seen in here.

If you expect for the other place, there is Alam Mayang Pekanbaru Park. Actually this is the favorite tourist site in Riau. In holiday, this place is fully with tourist. You can see the extensive fishing pool and the natural view. The location is so good. It looks clean and green. It is perfect for relaxing. To visit this place, you can find it through Jl. Harapan Raya/Imam Munandar Pekanbaru.

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