Agung An-Nur Mosque, Pekanbaru, Riau

Masjid Agung An-Nur Pekanbaru

Do you love religious tourist? If you do, Agung An-Nur Riau Mosque will be the good place to visit. This mosque is located in Pekanbaru. If you know Taj Mahal, Agung An-Nur Riau Mosque is also known as Riau’s Taj Mahal. This image looks not too surprising. It can be seen from the architecture. The Agung An-Nur Riau Mosque architecture looks similar with Taj Mahal. Uniquely, this mosque can be used for office and meeting. For the detail, the first floor has used for office and meeting and for the second and the third floor has used to worship.

Agung An-Nur Riau Mosque was designed by Ir. Roseno. In the mosque you will see calligraphy. This art was made in 1970 by Azhari Nur. When you see the calligraphy, you will see one thing. This art makes the mosque looks more artistic and more beautiful. This is why Agung An-Nur Riau Mosque becomes the must-visited place in Riau. Agung An-Nur Riau Mosque is more than a holy place. This is a place to learn about Islam. Any educational facilities are available in here. There is educational facility for playgroup, kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school and high school. Beside it, Agung An-Nur Riau Mosque has a library too.

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